Warkawater: collecting water from the air

Warka Tower is a vertical structure designed to collect and harvest potable water from the air, providing an alternative water source for rural populations that face challenges accessing drinkable water. The canopy creates a shaded social space where the community can gather for education and public meetings. With photovoltaic panels, the Tower serves as a charging station, allowing villagers to power mobile phones and laptop computers, and offers an illuminated place to study and socialize after the sun goes down.

What an amazing idea, collecting potable water from the air in a structure. I love ingenious ideas like this one, simple use of natural processes, easy to build and maintain, low cost and potential to help untold numbers of people around the world obtain precious water.

Have a look at the Warkawater project at http://www.warkawater.org/warka-tower/ and many other innovative and original projects at Architecture and Vision http://www.architectureandvision.com/.

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